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Switching from BetterCloud to CloudM to Improve Automated Onboarding and Offboarding

An Ohio based company specializing in servicing the mid to large scale residential and commercial builder with plumbing, HVAC and electrical needs. Their portfolio includes everything from military housing, multi-family, single-family, hotels and other large scale commercial projects. The talented team has seen steady growth over the years and now has a team of over 500 employees, becoming a premier mechanical contractor servicing the entire US.

The Problem

With their workforce spread across 7 regional offices, the client was presented with a number of challenges. Having employees based in multiple locations meant there was a need for better collaboration and the general flow of information and company data. There was often a need for heavy administrative tasks for the IT department. What worked well in one office was often hard to replicate in another. They wanted to be able to unify their approach to ensure all of their employees received the same experience, but with disparity in one office to another – they needed a platform that would mean the IT team could access all employee data, and implement automated processes no matter which location an employee was based.

The client first looked to BetterCloud to help streamline their processes. Speaking with the client’s Implementation Analyst, he explained:

“We previously used BetterCloud but there were some issues. We felt like things wouldn’t flow through properly. We were actually looking to implement automated workflows for our Onboarding and Offboarding processes to better serve our employee journey, but what we were looking for with BetterCloud didn’t exist, but CloudM had a solution.”

The Solution

Deciding to search the market to see if there was a product that could offer them a solution, they discovered CloudM.

“The product demo was great. As soon as we received it I was like, yes, let’s go. It was a no-brainer for us.”

The client decided to sign a 3 year license and, impressed by the automated workflows and other solutions such as email signature management, it was clear the platform offered them an all-in-one solution to better equip them to move to the digital workplace.

With the platform designed for both IT professionals and novices to use; their Implementation Analyst explained;

“The UI is so easy to pick up – whoever has designed it has made it seamless. It’s a brilliant product.”

The client are also planning to utilize the CloudM Smart Teams feature. They manage lots of groups so it’ll solve current heavy admin tasks, allowing certain departments and teams to have access to the correct data for their role.

The Results

Since moving to CloudM, the main benefit the client has seen is how easy it is to manage users;

“We are creating users almost daily, it’s our biggest feature. It’s been so simple being able to create a user and give them the access they need, a key feature for onboarding and onboarding processes.”

The client has seen many advantages of the CloudM platform, the analyst explains how is now able “to control all of his Organizational Units through CloudM rather than Google, everything is in one place so I can do multiple tasks in one platform. Like the user groups for example. You can click on somebody and it brings up that pane but you’re still on your list, and not jumping between screens.”

With better automation, complicated and time-consuming tasks are now a thing of the past, not only has their employee experience improved from the very day they start until the day they leave, but their IT team is also able to focus on the bigger picture.

“We plan to continue using the product for the foreseeable future and we are even planning to use new features as they are added, which should elevate our processes even further . We are really excited.”

“I would recommend the CloudM tool, not only for the ease of use when it comes to the UI but also for the varied options you can choose to suit your business needs. It’s just great and hugely improved our internal processes.”

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