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Professional Product Support

We aim to provide industry leading product support for all CloudM products and services. Our global 24/7* support team is always on-hand to help and our knowledge base is full of useful guides and tips so we’ve always got you covered. With a customer satisfaction score of 95% our global team of experts are here to help you have a successful experience. It is our promise to get back to you in 12 hrs or less! *Weekend support for critical issues only.



Response Times

Priority Level Response Times Update Schedule
Critical 1 hrs 8 hrs
High 2 hrs 24 hrs
Medium 4 hrs 36 hrs
Low 8 hrs 48 hrs
Service Requests 12 hrs 48 hrs

Please click here to view CloudM’s defines priorities.

Support Access (Customer Service)

  • Unlimited access to the help center (KB)
  • Ticket Logging: Support Portal
  • Unlimited Support Portal Access

Smart Starts

Expert consultation to give you the resources, knowledge and confidence to use CloudM. CloudM Smart Starts are bespoke, expert-led sessions, designed to give you the resources, knowledge and confidence to easily use CloudM. Quickly learn everything you need to know to get the best out of any of our four modules: Migrate, Automate, Email Signature and Archive. CloudM Smart Starts are provided in blocks of time, which can be purchased in different amounts, each valid for 12 months.



Serviced Migrations

Even with the best systems and people in place Migrations can be complicated and unpredictable.

That’s why CloudM offers Serviced Migrations. Our experienced team has managed hundreds of migration projects, delivering them on-time, with zero downtime, and every piece of data intact. Let us manage the entire migration from start to finish. Hand over the responsibility and benefit from a more hands-free project that’s guaranteed success.

Customer Success

Our dedicated customer success team is designed to help you get the most out of any of our platform modules with specialized assistance. Because we know time is precious, we’ll get back to you quickly and help with your onboarding. Because your organization is unique, we’ll tailor your success plan to ensure that you get the most out of CloudM from day one.

Our global Customer Success Team is only available to our subscription customers and consists of professionals who are trained to understand your business problems and work with you to help make you more successful.