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Archive your leavers’ data to cloud storage to stay data compliant and save money.

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Archive your leavers’ data to cloud storage to stay data compliant and save money.

Organizations are often required to retain leavers’ data from M365 and GWS for a number of years. However,  first-party solutions can be cost-prohibitive, such as Google Archive SKU or unnecessarily  manual, such as M365’s shared mailboxes and legal hold. It’s also likely that the unforeseen cost for retaining this data isn’t in your budget. 

CloudM can bulk-migrate archived user data to Google Cloud Storage or Microsoft Azure Storage. And it can automate the process of archiving leavers’ data to cold storage as part of an offboarding workflow.

Archive Key Features

  • Save money on a pending Google Archive license renewal

  • Save money on Google Archive licenses forever

  • Save money by staying on E1 licenses for all sizes of archive

  • Avoid data limits of litigation hold

  • Stay compliant by holding leavers’ data using flexible archive retention policies

  • Migrate existing archive user data into GCP or Microsoft Azure using CloudM Migrate.  Quick and easy migration of your archived user data to immediately save you money on upcoming renewals.

  • Automatically move leavers’ data into GCP or Microsoft Azure Storage using automated offboarding workflows while applying bespoke retention policies for different users. A long-term solution to Google archive user licensing costs that requires no manual intervention.

  • Automatically move oversized leaver mailboxes and storage archives to Azure storage. Remove the need to upgrade to an E3 or E5 SKU for litigation hold, saving you money.

  • Automatically move accounts over 100 GB set to litigation hold to Azure storage. Removes the need to upgrade your E5 storage quotas, saving money.

  • Create offboarding workflows attached to a dynamic group of users so you can automate archive retention policy assignment. Stay compliant and know your users are being archived using the correct retention policy.

Interested in CloudM’s Archive capabilities? Request a demo with our team.

CloudM Modules


Fast, seamless and secure data migrations to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 from multiple cloud and legacy platforms.


Save time and money by automating manual, repetitive data management tasks like onboarding and offboarding.


Automatically archive your leavers’ data to cloud storage to stay data compliant and save money.


Protect your organization’s data from accidental deletion and malicious users while enabling mass restoration in the event of a cyber attack.

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