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Using CloudM to Globally Manage Company Email Signatures and More

Noberasco, a food company based in Liguria is the Italian leader in the dry and dried fruit industry. A long entrepreneurial adventure is the result of the work of the Noberasco family, comprising four generations, who have cultivated a passion for high-quality dried fruit for over a century.

The Problem

Noberasco is a long-established company, dating back to 1908. They have been around well before the internet (or even computers for that matter) was even a thing, and so over the years they have accumulated lots and lots of data from their employees!

It was around 4 years ago when the ICT department of Noberasco realized many of their processes felt ‘dated’. They had employee data dating back from over 30 years saved in lots of different places, and they couldn’t seem to keep control their company email signatures. They had over 200 office-based employees and everyone seemed to have their own version of what was the ‘most up to date’ signature, and it just wasn’t great for the company image.

They also used this signature for event promotion, and staff weren’t updating in time which meant they were losing valuable business opportunities.

Noberasco’s ICT decided to find a solution to help streamline their IT processes, and that’s when they discovered CloudM.

The Solution

They had to find a productivity suite that would suit their business needs, and they felt the business would better utilize the features in Google Workspace than what they were currently using in Microsoft 365. Whilst researching, they also discovered the CloudM platform which would be able to safely, and securely migrate their company data from one productivity suite to the other, and better still, automate processes within Google Workspace once the migration was complete!

“We migrated over 30 years’ worth of data (that’s 49TB!) – we needed a tool we could trust. CloudM migrated everything. Without the clever automation of the CloudM platform, the task would have been impossible. This service was invaluable.”

They also went on to add;

“We had a demo with the platform to better understand the Manage capabilities, and it was great to see and experiment with what the product could do before purchasing; it was a no-brainer after that.”

The main feature they were looking at was the global management of their company email signatures, as well as other features such as automated Onboarding and Offboarding – hoping to automate future processes to make their life easier.

The Results

Noberasco ICT now manages over 200 users within the platform.

“All signatures are centrally managed, and automatically updated with just the click of a button. If there are seasonal sales and marketing messages, events promotions, and much more, this is centrally managed in CloudM with no need for internal employee communication or manual updating across a widespread workforce. It really is a useful tool that’s improved our processes, and saved me so much valuable time.” They also take advantage of our Onboarding and Offboarding features. “This is now all fully automated, in a few simple steps an employee is offboarded from Google Workspace and we know our company data is safe. There’s no manual intervention from me, a huge improvement to how we worked in Microsoft 365.”

When you’re dealing with complex data, there can always be challenges. they explained how invaluable the ongoing support from our Customer Success function has been.

“The customer success team has worked with us to not only better understand the CloudM product, but also how we can better utilize Google Workspace. The ongoing support is great. If we’ve had any issues with the product the support team has replied almost immediately, it’s a first-class experience and I believe the best platform for managing your user data. We’ve actually recommended your product to other companies and partners, we have no plans to move away from CloudM, and it really has become an integral part of our role.”

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