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“We really didn’t have a way to manage signatures before this. We had trouble getting everyone on the same page. Having CloudM allows us to push signatures to everyone and have a nice, professional, clean look across the board.”- Joe Phillips, North American IT Manager at MMGY Global.

CloudM Platform

The Company

MMGY Global are a marketing agency dedicated to storytelling, travel, tourism and hospitality. Being a leading voice in their sector, they pride themselves on bridging the gap between cultures, telling great stories, and showing understanding, curiosity and inclusivity. They are a vibrant brand, passionately leading the way in travel, tourism and marketing.

The Project

With 8 sub-brands, various global offices, and over 300 employees, MMGY Global is a rapidly expanding group facing many challenges. Due to the business’ various sub-brands and their increasing level of onboarding, they were looking for an efficient solution to unify their email signatures for each sub-brand whilst keeping a clean, stylish and cohesive voice as an overall group.

Prior to using CloudM’s Email Signature Management Tool, MMGY Global struggled with unifying their branding and managing/maintaining their email signatures due to a rapid increase in users. What they needed was a straightforward, easy to use and affordable solution to their problem and that’s where we fit in!

The Process

Before using CloudM, MMGY Global had been an avid user of Google’s Digital Workplace Services for around 10 years, but they’d never used anything like our Email Signature Management tool. While they had previously adopted our Migrate feature, our Email Signature Management tool had come highly recommended by our joint partner, Umzuzu Cloud Services. We were delighted to hear from them and eager to help them solve their problem, which was a tedious workload that cost their IT team a lot of time.

The Result

Since joining us in 2018 for a three year contract, MMGY Global has been a valued customer who we are proud to have on our growing list of clientele. It was a delight to catch up with them regarding this case study and even more so to hear that we’d made a positive impact on their day to day working life. With having different signatures for each brand, implementing this tool into their business made managing 8 different sub-brands an easy job. A representative said “it’s been such a big plus for us. We’ve been able to get people in, insert all their info into CloudM and, day one, their signature is ready to go. That used to be a pain point. This made it fast and easy.”- Joe Phillips, North American IT Manager at MMGY Global.

When we asked MMGY Global about moving over to CloudM, they said “it was as simple as turning it on. Easy and straightforward.” Our team was also on hand to offer any support needed.

“You’ve been able to tell us about any new updates for the Email Signature Management tool. Being able to hear forthcoming changes to the tool is exciting because our feedback is being heard. This were all big plus for us”

It was also great to hear that MMGY Global could recall specific examples of times our product had saved them a huge amount of time and hassle. Joe Phillips, MMGY Global’s North American IT Manager, mentioned an instance where they needed to add some information to signatures across the board. Usually this would be a gruelling and tedious task, but with CloudM Email Signature Management, it was easy as pie.

“When we started using this tool, it was purely a matter of not knowing how to manage signatures efficiently. This tool can manage signatures and it does that very well. We recently won a large piece of business which required our company to open a new office location. Our business development team reached out and asked us to add the new office location to the bottom of all our signatures across the MMGY Global brand. It was a matter of going in, punching in the new office location and, thirty minutes later, everybody in the brand had it in their signature. It was that easy. That was a big win for us.”

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